Failure to complete a project is costly. However, you can predict problems and take the necessary steps to get a project back on track with progress tracking.

Each project has many moving parts. These include people, timelines, and budgets. Acceptance criteria, risks, stakeholder satisfaction, management, acceptance criteria, budgets, acceptance rates, risks, and even potential lawsuits. Each part affects the others, so it is the project manager’s responsibility to ensure that the project runs according to plan. Here’s where project management software in India tracking comes into play.

Project tracking has many benefits.

Project tracking allows you to monitor the progress of a project against its original plan. You must take corrective steps as soon as possible if you notice deviations or occurrences that could lead to deviations. This will ensure that the team is on track.

Project tracking allows your team to:

  • Keep on schedule
  • You can track the progress of your project daily.
  • Bring in more people
  • Reduce the scope of the project

Due to budget constraints or strict quality requirements, these options may not be available. Instead, talk with your client or project sponsor about extending the deadline.

Maximize your resources

You can make necessary adjustments to your resource allocations by knowing who is doing what and what tasks are behind. For example, maybe employee A isn’t the right person to tackle a task. Perhaps employee B is too busy while employee C waits for a task.

Clear visibility into your team’s workload will help you distribute tasks more evenly and make it easier to assist when needed.

How to track your project

You can track the progress of your project using a variety of approaches.

Team meetings

You can schedule daily or weekly meetings in person or remotely via video conferencing. These meetings can be used to update team members on tasks, discuss any problems or potential risks that could impede progress, and provide updates.

Where does Slack fit in?

Slack is a great tool for when you aren’t in the same location. It seamlessly integrates with Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls to don’t need to switch between apps to join or start meetings.

One-on-one meetings

Meeting with your team members one-on-one not only strengthens relationships but also allows project managers to assess whether they are in alignment with their goals and expectations.

Where does Slack fit in?

Slack also supports one-on video calling visits built-in messaging feature.

  • Timesheets
  • Timesheets track how long employees spend on tasks. This allows project managers to:
  • Learn which employees are best suited to which tasks
  • To distribute the work more evenly, identify employee availability
  • Pinpoint employees who may require additional training
  • Anticipate delays
  • Estimate expected costs

Where does Slack fit in?

Slack can be integrated with timesheet tools such as Tracking Time or Quidlo Timesheets to easily track and share time.

Task updates

Project managers can monitor the progress of their projects by providing timely task updates. This allows them to see how much it is completed, whether employees are following quality guidelines, who needs help, and whether the overall project goals have been communicated effectively.

Status reports

Project managers can look back at the past week and month to see what went well or poorly. The project managers can then use the lessons learned to improve the section of the project they are still working on.

Slack supports document sharing and collaboration files. It also integrates with cloud storage tools such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox so that you can upload and retrieve reports anywhere you are 24/7.

Common metrics and methods for tracking the progress of projects

For success, track your projects.

 Tracking project progress is crucial for success. Project tracking, when used correctly, can help guide your team’s actions and even alert you to potential problems before they occur.

The software for managing projects comes with distinct features that let you decide and choose who should collaborate in one location with subtasks, tasks, or folders and who is responsible if the project isn’t completed in time. 

It creates a better method to communicate with your team and assists in managing the scope of projects and the workflow. Ultimate Business System (UBS) is at the top of the list in offering the most effective software for managing projects in India.