Do you live in fear of your house being robbed in the middle of the night? Do you worry about your family and friends who stay with you? Are you afraid of Indian security forces, who will be sweeping the streets of cities and towns to track down any suspicious activity? 

If yes, there’s good news for you. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore. There’s a solution for all these problems: get yourself a cricket World Cup. The World Twenty20 is scheduled for October, with each city hosting a single match. The tournament has been organized since 2007 when it was hosted by South Africa as Africa WT20 Qualifier Tournament. 

It will be held again in India this year after nearly two decades of hiatus. The cricket World Cup is just around the corner and that means it is time for us to plan our strategies for keeping ourselves as safe as possible during this period. Here are 5 Ways to Prepare for the Cricket World-Cup T20 Tournament in India


Stay Alert

If you’re worried about being robbed or assaulted in the midst of the tournament, don’t be. You can keep yourself safe by staying alert and staying indoors during this tournament. Indians and cricket go hand in hand, and during this period, it is advised to stay indoors. 

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Stay informed of the security situation at the venues and practice safe behavior, such as not walking alone at night, and avoiding parks, big venues and crowded areas. You should avoid wearing your team’s jersey and other related clothing unless you’re attending a match or a related event. Let’s not forget that you’re a tourist in this country and security will be more strict.


Maintain Privacy And Security

During the World Cup tournament, Indian security forces will be sweeping the streets to track down any suspicious activity. That is why you have to keep your privacy and security in mind during this time. Make sure you don’t leave your house late at night when security forces are on patrol and don’t open your windows. 

If you’re staying in rented accommodation, make sure they know you’re staying there and that they can’t come inside. If you’re in a hostel or an intern’s house, you may have to let them in.


Conduct Physical Fitness and Train Hard

If you’re worried about the ‘social disorder’ and bad behavior during the World Cup, then you should consider the fact that the tournament is a great opportunity for many people to let loose. So, you can use the tournament period to train your body and keep yourself fit. 

You can also try to improve your health and fitness level by doing some cardio and strength training workouts. You can do these workouts at home or in hotel rooms. If you have access to a gym in your hotel, you can also do some workouts there. You can also try to perform yoga and meditation to calm your nerves.


Don’t Bring Your Ex-Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Back To Home, Ever!

Remember, you are a tourist in this country. You have to conduct yourself as a tourist and follow the rules. If you have an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who is currently in India and is keen on meeting you, then don’t agree to it. You’re a tourist and you have to conduct yourself as a tourist. It is not allowed in this country. Let your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend understand this and stay away from them. 

The maximum that you should invite from India is your family and a few friends. If you have an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who is keen on meeting you in India, don’t agree with it. You have to conduct yourself as a tourist.


Eat Healthy And Store Food For Bad Times

You have to keep yourself healthy during the World Cup because bad behavior and social disorders can have a major impact on your health. That’s why you have to eat healthily and stock up on food items, like fruits, vegetables, milk, and honey, if you are worried about not being able to buy them later. You should store them in your hotel room or home. You should also try to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and avoid drinking too much alcohol as it dehydrates you. Also, You should also try to avoid junk food and sugary drinks. They are not good for health. On the other hand, if you are worried about the situation in your home country or in your city, then you can stock up on food items as a part of your disaster preparedness plan.



The World Twenty20 tournament is just around the corner, and it will be held in India for the first time. We’ve discussed how you can prepare for the tournament, and what you need to do to stay safe during the World Cup. Make sure you follow all the precautions to stay safe and enjoy the tournament.