Stretching is really important for cricket players. The routine of proper stretching could assist in reducing imbalance in muscle. It resists injury. 

This enhances performance at the time of cricket match. I came to know about the stretching program and it is good for players of cricket. They can practice it if they do not have any injury at present. 

This will fulfill the requirement of stretching at the individual level. For those who are suffering from injury, there is an imbalance at the mechanical level. This is going to resist the performance. 

The cricket player will get guidance from the physiotherapist. The program of stretching is designed for a cricketer.

Improve Fitness with Stretching Exercise 

The muscles become fully free from stress and warmth, your body can perform much better than before. For those who are serious about performance, stretching is great for the warm-up of the body. The warm-up can be a little bit of jogging. 

This jogging might last for 5 to 10 minutes. It is also great after the match. It is important to carry out stretching in a match. 

There are situations when the muscles are going to cool down. As a sport, cricket involves a lot of activity. It is important to know that the player needs static and dynamic stretching. 

Before the match, dynamic stretching is important. It is great for warm-up. I can add the static stretches. This is simply wonderful for cooling down. It enhances our flexibility. 

Planks for Bowlers 

Planks have been the right exercise for those who are fast bowlers. Age is not a factor here. The injuries in the lower back come under popular injury. 

It is found among fast bowlers. These bowlers are young. It is a great advantage to practice this exercise. 

There is no need for equipment. I can carry it out anywhere. At the time of batting, I depend on my back muscles. 

I have to rely on the muscles of the biceps and shoulders. I believe planks activate the main muscles. I can turn that body for swinging a cricket bat. 

The reason is the training of strength. I have to concentrate on a set of movements. They are curling of biceps, hammer rows, pull-ups of close grip, overhead press. 

I can compare this with the military press. It is highly recommended to practice tricep extension and dips. This is required for sudden energy required for turning the bat in the front. 

Enhancing Body Power 

The fielders carry out sudden stopping along with high-speed movements. They are moving over the pitch very swiftly. For this reason, they concentrate on increasing the power of their body.

It is based on agility and speed. They carry out the exercise of shoulder and chest. They throw a ball and it will improve the performance on that pitch.

Box Jump Practice 

The goal of a warm-up is to carry out a box jump before the workout on strength training. There is an advantage from the box jump indicating a rise in the explosiveness. You can begin by carrying out 3 to 5 repetitions and reaching a particular height.

Improve Muscular Strength

If you want to improve the muscle, you can carry out squatting, deadlifts using single-leg and walking lunges. There is a jump and it improves the activity of muscles. This is essential for enhancing power, speed, along performance. 

To enhance the strength of the chest and shoulder, we can provide shoulder press along with lat-pulldowns. These exercises are good for training. There is an amazing exercise and it is meant for cricketers in the field. 

Have you heard about frog squats? It is a movement assisting in the fielding of the ground balls. I can carry out 2 to 4 sessions per week. 

Practice Squat for Strong Legs and Hips 

The squats have been regarded as the perfect workout. It restores balance in the body. This enhances the power in the hips and legs. 

It will improve the strength of our lower back. This permits the athletes to move quickly. There is a vital area in the game of batsman. 

The bowlers can practice squats and this will improve the mobility of their hip. You can carry out in the right way. This will assist the pacers and I can bypass common injuries like fractures of stress in the lower back.

Practicing Deadlift for Fitness

The batsman must have good mobility of the lower back. They can apply several complex shots in the form of cuts and pulls. This might cause a sprain at the back.