One of the most popular games of the world, cricket happens to have taken over the hearts of millions of its fans and day by day, the fan following keeps on increasing. We have had a plethora of cultures intermingling together throughout centuries, but one of the most fruitful results of this mixture was the coming together of people,

competing with each other, in full sportsman spirit, and participating in the game, thereby representing their country and taking it to new heights. Therefore, let us discuss and understand the history of the various international forms of cricket and the how they vary from each other:

Although now, several sports and their respective following, have developed, cricket still enjoys a high pedestal. On the other hand, if we look few decades back, it was the only sport that had gained popularity at a great mark.

Test Cricket:

Here we are talking about oldest forms of cricket which also happens to be the longest one, which has a history that dates back to an approximate of more than 100 years.  Despite being the oldest, this form still retains its originality and charisma. The history of the form goes back to 1877, when the first match was played between England and Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This happened to be the first official test match.

Both of these teams happen to be one of the most refine teams and still a tough competition till date. Along with this, even the Melbourne Cricket Ground happens to be one of the most prestigious cricket fields on earth. The first match of the series was won by Australia by a margin of 45 runs. The series was a two-match one, which ended in a draw. Though this match is said to be the first official test match between two nations, it was not exactly the first international cricket match.

There was another match, before this, in the year 1844, between Canada and United States America, which is considered to be the first international match to be played. Now, none of these teams have a test cricket status. In the year, 1977, yet again a test match was played between Australia and England to celebrate 100 years of the Test cricket form. Surprisingly,

Australia yet again won the match by 45 runs. Talking about the nations playing the match, it is played by only those nations which have a test status received by the International Cricket Council. This status is given after taking into consideration various factors, which include the performance of the teams in the shorter forms.

Today, there are 12 tests paying nations, Afghanistan being the latest one. Today, the game has reduced to 5-day format which has two innings each. It is considered to be the best form of match because it is played for a long time. Therefore, the teams need to have patience and their endurance level should be high in order to face the match and their opponents.

One Day International:

The One day International has come as a new trend into the world of cricket. This is a fast one, more entertaining than the former and full of thrill. Although day by day, T 20 form of cricket is taking over the popularity, yet this still retains its popularity, and is also enjoyed among a large group of people.

The One Day International format started in 1971 but gained popularity in 1980s. The first match was played due to bad weather.

The first ODU was yet again between the oldest rivals, Australia and England. The match ended in no result dur to continuous rains. But to please the crowd, the match was organized for 40 overs and Australia won it by 5 wickets.

The modern ODI cricket has come into scene due to the efforts of Kerry Packer, in the late 1970s, which we call World Cup today. It is a one-inning match with 50 overs per side.

The teams have to show a blend of technique and skill in order to excel. In fact, the zenith of this form, the ICC cricket would cup is organized every four years. This 50-over format has developed recently with the ICC, organizing the Champions Trophy as well for the top 8 teams as well as the ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup. There have four countries which have a ODI status.

T20 International:

This is the newest and the shortest form of cricket played, since it had just 20-20 overs played from each side. This happens to be the most popular forms of cricket and the youngest inclusion in the arena of Cricket. It has helped a lot in gathering the interest of those who were earlier not interested in cricket. Too much money and more than required pace has been put into it, therefore it is criticized by a few.

Several countries are themselves developing a few forms of these matches like that of the IPL in India. Before being introduced at the international level, the game was played at domestic level in various countries. Some consider Pakistan while some consider England as the originators of this form. These matches were also considered comfortable since they could be played at night as well.

The first official T20 series was started by the England Cricket Board in 2003, and then it spread. The first T20 World Cup was won by India against Pakistan while the first T20 International was won by Australia against England. Since then, the game has been played at a high level of popularity and ICC also ranks certain cricketers based on these rankings. There are 104 nations which have got the T20 International status including the women teams as well. 

Now that cricket has fetched itself such a popularity, the games have also included the women as well with the formation of several women teams and their gradual success. Therefore, this itself accounts for the popularity and a great bend towards the game, that too in no time.