Fashion is all about a culmination of awareness, creativity, and understanding of what makes one look good. Several fashion hacks are small in magnitude, but bring up drastic changes to the way you look. 

Back in the time, people used to have a different concept of fashion. Fashion only meant wearing good colorful clothes, having a well-visible mustache for men and a vanity bag for a woman. 

But, in the present scenario, the concept of fashion has drastically been changed to a whole lot of different things. In today’s article, we are going to know some fashion hacks to bring huge changes to your looks. 

It is not always about wearing.

Let us get this straight. Fashion is not only about wearing expensive and designer clothes if there is no awareness about what one goes best with, but all the accessories also don’t make a huge difference. 

Here are some of the other considerations.


Know your type:

According to your physical traits, fashion goes well. If you have a nice dark complexion, then choose clothes that would hit you the best. If you have a slightly colored complexion, go for things that you think would go best for you. 

Take a piece of paper and write all your physical traits. See what height you have got, see if you’ve built, lean or healthy. See what characteristics you have and then focus on buying such accessories that boost your looks.


Have a tailor ready for you:

Tailors are the most creative people when it comes to adding a lot of difference to your clothes. A tailored fit cloth always adds a lot of difference to your looks. It makes you look better, you gain a lot of confidence because of this. 

Also, do not go for too many tight clothes. If your clothes are tight, this does not make you look nice, rather it makes you look way worse than you think. A tailored cloth should have a generous amount of space and comfort as well.

Having the perspective:

The perspective of having good fashion skills is the nicest thing one can have. Some people focus on small changes, try to add some little advantages to their clothes, and playoff pretty well. 

It is all about having a good perspective on fashion. Fashion is not purchasing expensive and luxurious items to look cool. Fashion is all about having a sense of awareness that pulls off the best when applied in real life. 

Leg wears are a compliment.

For any uncertain reason, what you cover your feet with adds a lot of value to your overall outfit. To complement your overall outfit, and give that even look, you can add the following things to your footwear list. 

Shoes are the prime. 

Shoes are those pieces of creation that add a huge difference to your looks. Good shoes can make you look the best possible you can think of. Shoes add a lot to your personality, and even if your whole outfit isn’t that great, shoes are going to highlight all your strengths and hide your weaknesses, if they are used properly. 

What color of shoes one should go is a very different topic. Because there is no best color in the world. Every shoe is distinctive and is for different purposes. If you buy a pair of neon-colored shoes, it makes your look enhanced, but would it look good with red shorts? 

The answer to this question is self-explanatory. Try having good shoes, in the sense that every color is uniquely beautiful. 

Heels add a lot to your confidence:

Heels are the nicest inventions in the fashion world. Anything you wear, if you have a pair of good heels that compliments your beauty, you are already ahead of your destination. 

Flip flops, sliders, and slippers do wonders as well:

Flip flops and sliders are quite popular because they can also add a lot to your overall looks. Differently, they make you look nice and beautiful. Try having them if you are already acquainted with the shoes. 

Slippers have a different fan base. We all wear them in our daily chores. However, they are also a fashion asset. So, in case you wonder what you could do with your slippers, try having them while you’re out. 

Small accessories are important as well. 

These are some accessories that also add a lot of value to your looks. 

Earrings and finger rings:

Rings are a very royal thing to add on. Try having different sets of earrings to complement your beauty differently. Finger Rings are those small accessories that add a lot to your looks as well. 

Watches are important as well:

Watches are quite popular these days and have been popular for decades. The reason is that watches are those accessories that highlight your overall fashion sense. You can invest a decent amount of money in them. 


We all know that fashion is the skillset and the creativity we have. Let us try to focus on small details to add a big difference to the overall looks. Fashion sense is all it takes, to have a sense of awareness, which makes your look progressive.