‍The art of batting is an exciting one. From the moment the new ball is taken and bowlers start attacking, there’s a fair bit of excitement as batsmen look to counter and score whatever they can. As the game progresses, batsmen also have to think about their technique and where they want to attack from – which field position offers them the most room? These are all things that make batting thrilling. However, not all matches that seem thriller actually are. 

This article explores some of the most thrilling cricket moments in history. Some of these moments may not be particularly surprising (after all, who doesn’t love a rapid chase?), while others may come as a surprise (who knew that Bill Lawry has been involved in so many thrilling moments?). Whatever your preferred version of events, we hope you enjoy reading about these moments and debating with your friends!


Sri Lanka chase down 374 in 87 overs

If we’re talking about moments of great drama, this is the match to do it. Sri Lanka chased down a record total of 374 against Bangladesh in Dhaka in 2014. The chase saw Sri Lanka lose 8 wickets for 87 runs,

an effort that must have left anyone who was there in disbelief. 

The chase was probably the match of the tournament as Sri Lanka was a strong side

and Bangladesh was expected to be a team that would be eliminated early. also,

The chase is also the highest successful run chase in any form of cricket.

Chasing down a big total is always exciting, and this particular chase was further heightened

by the fact that both teams were evenly matched. 

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Not only were the run-scoring rates similar, but both captains had high hopes for the match. Bangladesh captain Misbah ud Din was on record as saying he thought this match might be the match

that saw him break the record for the highest ever score in ODIs. He went on to do just that, hitting an incredible 386 not out. 

Sri Lankan skipper Dilruwan Perera, on the other hand, was hopeful that his side could set a record for the highest successful run chase. The match was one of the most exciting World Cup games that year, and it was also a match that had a huge impact on the tournament. This was one of the matches that led to the reduction in the number of overs from 50-overs-a-side to just 40-overs-a-side from the 2018 World Cup onwards.


Pakistan stun Australia in the 2015 World Cup

It’s not always the big scores that make for a thrilling match. Sometimes it’s the fact that a lower-ranked team comes back from a big deficit and stuns a top-ranked side. This was the case with Pakistan’s win against Australia in the 2015 World Cup. Australia were the favorite to win this tournament, with Pakistan

and Bangladesh being the only other teams in the tournament with a realistic chance of upsetting them. 

Australia was cruising to a 2-0 advantage in the series and was cruising to a comfortable victory on the final day. In the end, though, it was Pakistan who proved to be the team that would make the most noise in this World Cup. The win was shocking for many reasons, not least of which was the fact that Australia had been so dominant for so long. It also showed that sometimes even the best teams don’t always win, and that’s something that everyone can get behind!


Bill Lawry strikes to save the game

There are a number of moments of great drama when a captain makes a match-saving contribution. However, there are some matches in which the captain makes a contribution of a completely different sort. This was the case in the 1987 World Cup when West Indies captain Clive Lloyd was out for a duck in the second over of the match against England. West Indies needed quick runs to save the game, and they needed a wicket to do it. 

A fierce blow from John Emburey saw Lawry take his wicket, but that wicket turned out to be a false alarm. It turned out that Embry’s delivery had gone straight on and had missed Lawry’s off stump by a distance. This meant that West Indies could continue batting and not fall behind in the game. This was a moment of great relief for the West Indies, who were in a desperate position at that point.


Mitchell Johnson 6-6, this is not a typo

As thrilling as the Sri Lanka chase against Bangladesh was, it paled in comparison to what happened when Mitchell Johnson and Australia faced New Zealand in the same tournament. New Zealand was chasing down a huge total against Australia, and it seemed that they would be able to do it. However, Mitchell Johnson was on fire for Australia. With 41 balls remaining in the innings, he had figures of 6-6. Australia had only needed to score 70 runs in the remaining 10 overs. 

What followed was the most thrilling chase in ODI history. New Zealand was on track to win the chase, but a late flurry of wickets saw the chase collapse. Johnson was the key performer in this case, and he was on course to become the first man in history to take a ten-over 10-for. 

With 10 runs remaining, Johnson had figures of 11-6. If New Zealand had managed to get him out, New Zealand would have won by a huge margin. However, Johnson held out, and Australia managed to set a new record for the highest successful run chase in ODI history.


Shoaib Malik’s towering 6th-wicket partnership with Waqar Younis

These days, we’re used to seeing the big names go on to win a match. However, in some cases, the opposite could happen. Shoaib Malik and Waqar Younis were two such players. This was the case in Pakistan’s run to the final of the 2003 World Cup. Pakistan was facing a tough challenge against India, who were also in the final. 

Pakistan needed to bat out their overs, and they needed to score at a run rate of 4.0 or above. India, on the other hand, only needed to score 70 runs in the 30th over. Both these targets seemed to be out of reach.

However, Pakistan managed to do just that. Shoaib Malik put up a great fight in that innings, and he also helped Pakistan to dismiss India. Pakistan won the match and also set a new record for the highest successful run chase in ODI history. This was a truly amazing effort by Pakistan and a great example of how a team can come back from a near-impossible situation.