Virat Kohli is known to be the most successful captain in Indian cricket’s history. He has led India to numerous victories and continues to excite fans with his aggressive batting style and leadership. 

Despite being one of the most talented batsmen in the world, he is also a very humble man who wishes to bring joy and happiness not only to his teammates but also to the fans.

He is also an inspiration for many youngsters, especially those from lesser privileged backgrounds like him. Here are some ways that Virat Kohli has made Indian Cric Gator more exciting than ever before.


Why virat is perfect for captain

Virat Kohli is the perfect captain for the Indian cricket team because he is passionate about his country, his teammates, and his fans.

When Virat Kohli began to lead the Indian cricket team, they had a losing record and were being talked about as one of the worst teams in cricket. He has led them to several victories with a batting average of over 70 runs per innings.

Virat Kohli is also known for his aggressive batting style which excites fans and motivates players. He also encourages players to stay humble while playing, which makes them more likely to win.

He is an inspiration for youngsters from impoverished backgrounds

who can look up to him as someone who has come from difficult beginnings and become successful in life through hard work.


Key moments that have made him the captain

In his first year as captain,

Virat Kohli led India to a 3-2 series victory over Sri Lanka and won the Champions Trophy. In 2017, Virat Kohli led India to a 5-1 series victory against Australia in their most successful tour in recent decades.

2018, he led India to a 2-1 victory over England in their most challenging series ever. India also won the Asia Cup for the fourth consecutive time under him.


Virat Kohli’s influence on young cricketers

One of the most notable ways Virat Kohli has impacted Indian cricket is by encouraging young cricketers to take up the sport. 

In 2016, he was the joint-most followed Indian athlete on social media with over 11 million followers. He has also been a role model for many youngsters

who wanted to play cricket but were not able to make it a full-time career.

Virat Kohli’s example has inspired a new generation of youngsters

who are starting to play cricket and become professional players in their own right.


How has Virat Kohli helped Indian cricket?

One of the ways he has helped Indian cricket is by bringing in new strategies to his captaincy. In 2016, Kohli revolutionized Indian CricGator with a revolutionary strategy that

he used against England in the World Cup: the DRS referrals. This was a new way of playing the game that had never been used before and came as quite a surprise to many people. He made it work with some brilliant results, earning India their first-ever ICC World Cup victory in the process.

Another thing he has done for Indian cricket makes the team more competitive than ever before; this includes putting more importance on spin bowling in general. In 2016, Kohli put in place an idea to use more spinners for longer spells during games and it took some time for everyone to adjust but

now it seems like it will be a permanent fixture in Indian cricket.

It’s also safe to say that Kohli has brought back pride and glory into Indian cricket because of his success,

which you can see all over social media as well as TV channels. He is finally helping Indians feel proud about their country’s performance at the international level and

this can be seen through his motivational speeches during matches and press conferences.

 As a result, there have been huge spikes in social media activity surrounding the team since he became captain. 



It is essential for any new captain to be able to motivate and inspire not just the team but also the country. Virat Kohli has done an excellent job in his role as captain of the Indian cricket team by being a great motivator and

a good inspiration for players on and off the field.