Higher education in the United Kingdom is world-renown, having a long and celebrated tradition of academic brilliance. It is no secret that pursuing a Master’s degree in the United Kingdom is a popular choice for international students. Famous universities in England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland attract international aspirants due to their vibrant cities and scenic locations.

Furthermore, as per the most recent ranking from 2021, the United Kingdom remains the top destination for fresh graduates considering postgraduate studies in business and management-related degrees. Many students find that studying for a Master of Management (MiM) in the UK is a worthwhile experience among the various courses. Many business schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland offer MiM programs.

Students enrolled in a Master of Management degree in the United Kingdom study a variety of management disciplines, including core curricula like Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Information Technology, among other subjects. Some MiM programs in the UK and Ireland allow students to specialize in specific business fields.

In this 2022 edition, we have prepared a list of all Master in Management programs available in the UK and Ireland.

List of 7 Best MiM Schools in UK

  1. London Business School (MIM)

The MiM program at LBS is a 12-month curriculum that can be extended to 16 months based on the students’ needs for customization.

The LBS Masters in Management is a world-class program design for students with 0 to 2 years of work experience. It was created in collaboration with leading worldwide recruiters, ensuring that graduates are prepare with real-world experience. 

The Masters in Management 2022 intake at LBS has a tuition fee of £39,200. The Global Masters in Management, the Masters in Financial Analysis, and the Masters in Analytics and Management are among the early career degree programs offer by LBS.

  1. University College Dublin: Smurfit (MSc in Management)

The Smurfit Graduate Business School offers a full-time 12-month course along with a part-time 24-month program. 

The full-time, comprehensive master’s program is aimed at students without a business undergraduate degree

but who wish to pursue or progress in their career in business. Therefore it is a top pick for graduates

from a variety of academic disciplines, including arts, engineering, law, science, the social sciences, etc.

 Moreover, the coursework provides a strong foundation in important management and business subjects. In addition, the two-year part-time program has design specifically for professionals who want to further their education along with their professional jobs. The tuition fees for international students for the academic year 2022/23 is €20,500.

  1. Imperial College Business School (MSc Management)

The Imperial MSc Management (MiM) program is consistently rank among the world’s top global programs. The school offers a 1 year full-time Master’s degree program that prepares recent graduates from a variety of academic disciplines. 

The curriculum covers a variety of management-related domains, including management consulting and professional services. The tuition fee for the 2022 intake is £31,800. In addition to its world-class educational facilities, the London location and industry connections with significant organizations enable students to reach and network with leading world enterprises.

  1. Warwick Business School (MSc Management)

The Warwick MSc in Management is a one-year management program that teaches students how to become great leaders. It’s an immersive course that covers a variety of business and management disciplines, preparing students for leadership roles in global organizations. 

Furthermore, this curriculum prepares international students to become entrepreneurs and make a meaningful contribution to society. The tuition fee for international students is £32,250.

The overall immense coursework provides students with a holistic understanding of management ideas that will help them as their career grows.

  1. Trinity Business School (MSc in International Management), Trinity College Dublin

The one-year full-time MiM program at Trinity College Dublin is specifically design for business grads who target international markets. 

The program’s extensive curriculum is design to equip candidates with the practical skillset

that is required to successfully work in a global environment. In addition, the exposure to the program’s ethnically diverse cohort will help you

develop the acumen required to negotiate with the global community.

The tuition fee for this program is €20,500 for non-EU students and €15,250 for EU students.

  1. University Of Edinburgh Business School

The University of Edinburgh Business School, which is triple-accredit, has a long history of teaching and research. The program focuses on giving its cohort an understanding of the business world’s dynamic nature while simultaneously preparing them for a managerial role. 

Ranked amongst the top 10 MiM programs in the UK by the Financial Times ranking, the program is the best option for both students and young professionals.

The program’s tuition fee is £27,500 for international students, but also including students from EU nations. Along with the program’s structure, one needs to pay a non-refundable application fee of £60.

  1. Bayes Business School: City, University of London MSc in Management

The MSc in Management program offered by the Bayes Business School is know for providing practical and analytical tools required for dealing with analytical and operational management issues. 

The program’s full-time 12-month curriculum covers a wide range of disciplines that helps candidates develop their managerial as well as interpersonal skills. Hence, preparing aspirants to venture into the world of management and entrepreneurship. 

One of the unique features of the program is its similarities with the MBA program’s curriculum. but, the program will not only help you develop the foundations of management but also assist you in building a diverse market-ready portfolio.

In Conclusion

The top programs list in the list give above provide you with a list of Masters programs in the UK

that are accredited by international organizations such as AMBA or EQUIS,

and their reputed MiM programs are even rank in some of the most prestigious global ranking publications. International students will obtain an acknowledged postgraduate qualification from one of the world’s most well-known

and renowned higher education systems after completing their master’s degree from the UK. 

Graduates of MiM programs and specialty master’s degrees in the United Kingdom

will be ready to go right into their chosen job path. Some international students take a master’s degree program to prepare for a career in the United Kingdom.

Some applicants may want to seek a specialized business master’s degree, such as an MSc in Finance

or an MSc in Business Analytics, which may be provided by business institutions in the UK

and Ireland as an alternative to a MiM program. Graduates will prepare to begin their careers in any organizational setting after completing this course.

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