The Learn Noorani Qaida online Course is basic and is the very first step in learning the Quran for anyone who wants to learn regardless of age. It helps make the process of learning the Quran extremely easy.

 Muslims around the world are taught Noorani Qaida to establish a foundation to learn Quran. It is a great source of exercises that comprise Quranic phrases and verses.

According to the Messenger of Allah PBUH stated:

The Sayyidina Abu Hairah (RA) stated that Allah’s Messenger had said, “If anyone treks a path to gain knowledge, Allah will make easy his journey into Paradise.

Why should you learn about NOORANI QIDA?

Noorani Qaida is among the most fundamental books that explain the fundamental Tajweed in the Holy Quran and contains all the essential lessons needed for Quran Recitation. 

The book begins with the Arabic Alphabet. It then moves students from basic to more complex alphabets, Quranic Ayah, and the Tajweed rules. This is the most common method of learning the Quran in the non-Arab world. It includes:

Recognition of the Arabic alphabets and symbols, knowing the fundamental rules of pronunciation, and linking the alphabets.

The consonants and short vowels (Harakat the sound from Dammah, Fatha, and Kasrah)

Vows that are long (HaroofMaddah), Tanwin, HaroofLinah, and Noon Sakeenah

Ra as well as Lam Rules

Waqaf Rulebook (where to stop and where to stop)

Tashdid, Tashdid with Sukoon, Tashdid with Tashdid, Tashdid following Madd etc.


Our Noorani Qaida online reading program is suitable for those who are just beginning and those who would like to learn to read Quran by hand using Tajweed. Also, the Quran Online course is for all ages, including adults. 

Sisters can also start by interacting with female tutors online through a one-on-one approach. In this class, the Quran instructors will guide students step-by-step from the starting to the expert stage in a one-on-one learning setting. 

Face-to-face online classes guarantee close attention by both teachers and students and will help students learn to speak Arabic/Quran in a proper manner, with the the basic rules of using the Tajweed basics.

Students from all over the world are learning to master Noorani Qaida on the internet through the online Quran academy, and are getting more content with their learning. Weare is confident that if you enroll in the Quran Online course for yourself or your child, Insha Allah, we guarantee that our program will be completely effective. At the time you finish the course the child you enroll with will competent enough to read the holy Quran easily, using Tajweed basics as well as an Arabic accent.

Our teachers have many years of experience and have been trained on how to guide and teach students and children to a level at which they are comfortable studying the book of Allah All-Wise.


Quran Online Noorani Qaida Course is broken down into various lessons. Below is the short outline of the course to master Noorani Qaida on the internet:

The Arabic Alphabet and their Correct Pronunciation

Compounds, Joints, and Letters


Short Vowels (Harakat)

Lang Vowels (HuroofMaddah)


Soft Vowels (HuroofLeenah)

Noon Sakinah as well as Tanween

HorufMudd’ah o Leen Letters

Rules of Raa

Laam’s Rules Laam

Noon Qutni

Sakoon and Jamz

Waqf( Properly pausing and stopping)

Arabic Letters Correctly Makhrij


Quran is an excellent method of explaining Allah’s divine and divine teachings that every genuine Muslim must be living. this is awe-inspiring in that it tells stories in a way that is exciting to keep children and adults fascinated by the Quran. Thus, the Quran is an obligatory subject that is required for each Muslim child. Children must be taught MasnoonDuas Islamic rituals, prayers, and Islamic values.

Quran Online accepts children above the age of four. When children begin taking the online Noorani Qaida classes regularly, they will soon grasp all the essentials of Arabic grammar. We have arranged one-to-one courses in The Holy Quran online. 

Students from every area of the globe can master the Quran online in accordance with their pace and rhythm. Our system allows parents to observe their children’s learning of the Quran before their eyes, and track their development


“Quran online is the most skilled male and female instructors and distance learning platform. It has clearly written and clear Noorani Qaida, divided into a variety of lessons that can assist learners of all ages learns quickly. This course will provide you with the fundamental knowledge required to read Quran correctly.”

Online Quran Academy has created ready-made lessons for students of all age groups to master Qaida efficiently in a short amount of time. After having completed each lesson, students review it over and over. 

This ensures the quality of the lessons learned. Our Online Quran tutors teach in the way that students can become fluent in the reading of the Quran after they have completed this Qaida. Our expert tutors instruct Noorani Qaida, also known as the “Quran of Islam” in English and Urdu languages.


The course focuses on improving the recitation ability of the students so that they can read the Quran easily and without errors. When a student is able to master Noorani Qaida from a knowledgeable Quran Tutor, then the student is not impeded in understanding The Holy Quran and can read the Holy Book with exact pronunciation and with ease.

Our course is just a tiny part of the initiative to aid those who would like your children, or even themselves, to master Noorani Qaida on the internet. Sign up with us and let us assist you and your kids to discover Noorani Qaida on the internet. Our teachers are highly educated to instruct Qaida course to children and adults. They also offer the free Noorani Qaida to our students with ease.

It is a prerequisite for several other courses such as “Quran reading using Tajweed” or “Quran Memory”.