Universities in Singapore offer flexible MBA programs with an average duration of 1.5 – 2 years. The annual tuition fee of the MBA program in Singapore can cost you between 60,000 USD to 90,000 USD. International students must have more than 80% in their bachelor’s to pursue MBA in Singapore.

Top MBA Schools in Singapore 

Master’s of Business Administration(MBA) is one of the most sought-after courses in Singapore. So, let’s get an overview of the top 5 MBA colleges in Singapore below:

  1. INSEAD: It is one of the most famous business schools around the globe. but it offers a ten-month MBA program to international students. The annual tuition fee charged for the MBA program at this college is 97,000 USD. 
  2. National University of Singapore (NUS): This university is one of the most prestigious universities in Singapore. but its MBA program has a duration of 17 months, with an annual tuition fee of 45,000 USD.
  3. Singapore Management University(SMU) – Lee Kong Chian School of Business: This business school offers a 1-year MBA program, including a ten weeks internship but also International students might have to pay an annual fee of 48,000 USD.
  4. James Cook University: This university offers an MBA program with a 16 months duration. but the school charges an annual tuition fee of 26,853 USD for its MBA program. 
  5. ESSEC Business School: This business school is famous for its MBA programs globally. but It offers a 1-year MBA program, with an annual tuition fee of 51,805 USD. 

Eligibility criteria to study MBA in Singapore

The eligibility criteria for admission to an MBA program in Singapore vary across different universities. However, some general eligibility grounds remain common for most of the colleges in Singapore. So, the general eligibility criteria for MBA in Singapore universities are listed below:

  • A student might require to score at least 6.5 in their IELTS. 
  • If the student opts for IELTS wavier, they must score above 92 in TOEFL.
  • The student must have completed their bachelor’s degree in the relevant field of study with at least a 2.8 CGPA. 
  • The student must have relevant work experience of at least two years.
  • A student must have a GMAT score of 600 and above.

 The admission process for MBA in Singapore

Universities in Singapore offer transformative and experiential learning in their MBA programs but making it an obvious choice among students worldwide. So, students must be well aware of the deadlines for admission to MBA colleges. So, here is a list of deadlines for a few business schools in Singapore.

  1. INSEAD- Mar 5, Apr 23, Jun 18, Jul 30
  2. NUS- Aug 30, Oct 28, Jan 17, Mar 31
  3. NTU- Nov 1, Jan 15, Mar 31
  4. SMU- Mar 15, Jul 15, Oct 30

Scholarships available to study MBA in Singapore

Students can choose to opt from either government or private scholarship programs to sponsor their MBA in Singapore. Let’s discuss these scholarship programs briefly:

Name of Scholarship ProgramsScholarship Amount(USD)
Singapore International Graduate Award(SINGA)1500
The Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship Program1000 
Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship15400
Go Clean Scholarship3500
BrokerFish International Student Scholarship1000
Global Study Awards12,995
Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarships at NUS16000 
INSEAD Antonio Borges Endowed Scholarship11,286
NUS MBA Study AwardsNA
Nanyang Scholarship6500 


Overall studying MBA in Singapore can be an enriching experience for students coming from different countries. but also students must fulfill the admission guidelines and apply timely to secure their seats in one of the best business schools in Singapore. 

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