List of 5 best websites to download movies with ease. 

After lockdown, people have returned to their daily jobs. However, there are still several impositions like wearing masks, following guidelines while traveling, and vaccination. Working in this environment takes a toll on the human body. For relieving their stress, people opt for entertainment. What could be the best source of entertainment other than movies? It is the primary and most affordable source of entertainment. 

Downloading movies is fun, but the question arises of which is the best website to download movies. There are a lot of harmful websites over the internet that could endanger your system protection. For making the task of downloading movies easy, we will enlist the best legal and secure Website to download movies. 

Top 5 best websites to download movies 2021


It is the most secure and safest Website to download movies. Youtube is a diverse website where you can find all sorts of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Korea, etc. These days Youtube also offers a premium subscription for its loyal consumer base. Utilize the Youtube search bar for searching the movies. Just type the name of the movie in the search bar, and you are ready to go. 


Currently among the primary websites to download Bollywood movies or Indian content. They are facing tough competition from competitors like Amazon Prime and Netflix. Hotstar remains the first choice for viewers for free streaming and a website to download movies offline. 

Hotstar offers exclusive movie premiers for Indian content on its platform. Still, for that, you have to buy the Hotstar subscription. 

Highlights of Hotstar were as follows:

  1. Best movie website for Indian viewers
  2. Offers affordable subscription packages to download movies 2021

Secure torrent sites:

There are many torrent websites over the internet, but you should use one that is secure and doesn’t harm your system. Most of the torrent sites are proven sources of viruses and other cyber threats that can endanger your system.  

Worldfree4u is a secure torrent website that permits users to download pirated movies free online without prior registration or signup. On this Website, users get pirated Hollywood or Bollywood movies and movies from different languages and different regions like Korean, Chinese drama, etc. 


Most people consider it as an alternative to Youtube because of the site’s cleaner UI and navigation. Due to this reason, users like to download free movies from this platform. Since it is a competitor to Youtube, you get not only free movies but also documentaries, short films, etc.

 Many users are unaware that Vimeo also provides an on-demand content section to watch your favorite tv shows and movies. However, users need to pay for this service. 

Highlights of Vimeo:

  1. The Youtube platform offers thousands of free movies and shows.
  2. It also offers a paid on-demand section for watching and downloading movies. 

The most famous and trusted Website to download movies 2021, Amazon owns this Website. Its services are made freely available to all the users of Fire TV in the United States. 

Like Youtube, it has a diverse collection of movies and TV shows, and IMDB TV has promised its users that they will add more high-quality content from time to time. 

Since Amazon owns it, users also get access to the services of Alexa for launching Freedive online streaming. 

Highlights of IMDB TV:

  1. It offers free ad-supported service along with cross-platform availability. 
  2. It also offers the option of advanced title search to allow the user to search for their favourite movies or shows. 

How to Use VPN to Download Movies?

The ideology behind the P2P network is to switch between multiple internet protocol networks to enable them to browse anonymously. If you wonder how to use VPN to download movies, here is a step-by-step guide to using VPN to download anonymously.

  • Choose a VPN Services

If you want to have a smooth and safe browsing experience, we would suggest you download movies using a VPN. But, make sure you choose the right VPN service that truly protects your online journey. We would recommend ExpressVPN for downloading or gaming.

  • Turn on the VPN Kill Switch

There is always a kill switch in first-class VPNs preventing devices from using the internet in case the VPN stops working. Since the future will not always be firewall proof, you should use this in-build “Network Lock”.

  • Download and Install a BitTorrent Client

There is a bounty of BitTorrent clients that have access to BitTorrent because it’s open-source, lightweight, and easy to use. Now, the best part is, if you want to protect your identity while downloading movies, BitTorrent would, probably, be the best way. It is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and can easily integrate with your installed VPN service.

  • Visit a Torrent Site

Now, visit a movie downloading website like KatmovieHD or else. Such free movie download websites come with a range of exciting features, including an on-site search engine to allow you to search and download your favorite movie at ease.

  • Start Downloading

As soon as you get a downloadable link, insert that in the Torrent site and the movie will download.

If you follow this guide thoroughly, we can bet that you will have a 100% safe browsing or movie downloading experience.

Final thoughts:

The websites mentioned above are the most secure and legal websites to download movies 2021. Besides these, there are many more websites, but the sites mentioned above can fulfill your wishes and demands easily. On other websites, you may have to face the risk of cyber threats. 

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