A car has thousands of moving parts as well as stationary parts. All these parts at some point or the other require some maintenance or the other. But since a car has so many different complicating parts they may require different types of mechanics to check them.

Different Types of Car Mechanics

Each part requires a specific mechanic, though sometimes one mechanic can do everything. But for complicating matters you can refer to each for their own specialization. They are:

  • Diesel mechanic
  • General automotive
  • Brake and transmission
  • Auto body
  • Race car
  • Service
  • Auto glass
  • Heavy vehicles and equipments
  • Small engine
  • Tyre 

Now it is for you to decide which mechanic you require and what the extent of damage in your vehicle is. Accordingly, you can choose from them. If you can judge the mechanic by his talents and type then you can be sure that half your job of getting your car back in prime condition is done. Hence, you should know a few factors to help you decide on what makes a good mechanic. Knowing these factors will enable you to acquire the best services for your car.

How to Choose The Best Mechanic?

You just cannot trust any mechanic that you see or comes your way. You have to choose wisely and judge them on some yardsticks to choose the best one of the lot. So when you choose make sure of the following:

  • Check out the certificates of the mechanic to see whether he is technically qualified and sound. In this way, you will have a fair idea of his skills and knowledge. 
  • When in need you must be calling up some company that has authorization or listing. So after deciding on a company check to see whether they have a good reputation in the market. This ensures that they are reliable and have customer satisfaction credits. 
  • Check out for the affiliation of the shop or the workshop. They should have the authorization to ensure that you get quality services.
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  • Try finding out how big a clientele they are serving. If you can see many cars or many people around, then you can be sure that apparently, you have a good place. Even more important is the fact that such people can do better because of loads of experience that they have. They will be able to serve you better than empty workshops where you may get the job done faster. Getting it done on time is not your only goal; getting done properly should be your main aim. Think of quality and not speed.
  • If the place or the mechanic is new to you then start with a small job at the first go. If you think you are satisfied with the output then you can proceed further. But never go for the complicating or big things at the first go. Take one small step at a time. 

Talents That a Mechanic Should Have

A good mechanic should have a few talents like customer skills, work ethics, diagnostic skills, extensive knowledge, problem-solving skills, experience, etc.. If he possesses most of the talents mentioned then you can be sure that he can count in as a good mechanic.


If you can judge the mechanic by his talents and type then you can be sure that half your job of getting your car back in prime condition is done. The other half will be done when you take your car physically to them. So choose and judge wisely and your expensive vehicle will never see any problems at all.