Searching for a house that is according to your needs and preferences can be one daunting problem. You might look for a lot of plans and somehow, you would not be able to find the one you want. Instead, your dream house needs to be made from the group to the top. 

This may look like an even more tiring and intimidating job, but you do not have to design your home like an architect. You just need a good plan and design for your house. 

You want your house to be perfect and the best. You want to add different requirements to your house for getting the right outcome. Therefore, look for the right house plans so that you can build your house according to your convenience. 

You can check out different construction companies in Hyderabad that offer brilliant house plans and would give you ideas about your dream home.  

If you are looking for 3BHK house designs, here are a few ideas that you can follow. 

Two-story three-bedroom design 

This design plan would be perfect for your house. This charming home design has 3 bedrooms along with three bathrooms. It would also have a two-car garage. You can also have different room storage according to your convenience. 

Doesn’t this sound like a perfect house for you? Well, when it’s made, it would even look perfect. 

Simple modern house plan 

If you are someone who wishes to get a very simple design for your house, then this would be a perfect one. This house plan is the epitome of modern house designs. You can have a dark exterior to give your house a very unique structure. 

You can also add a balcony on the second floor of your house. This can make the concept of your house unique. 

Low cost three bedroom house plan 

A three-bedroom house would always work better for a good living condition. You can get yourself a good farmhouse design for your house. 

This would be a low-cost house but you can easily add all sorts of necessities like a kitchen, a big living room, and the most interesting one – a great front porch. 

With this sort of house design, you’ll have a lot of space. Your house would be more spacious than other house designs.

Modern bungalow house design 

Probably, you never imagined a two-story home for your dream house. Maybe you wanted something that is single-level. This house design is next to excellence. All three bedrooms and all your bathrooms are on the same floor. 

This makes your house look spacious as well as gives a continuous vibe. You can also go with adding a garage to your house. This house would be a lovely place for you to live. 

Modern Ranch house plan 

A ranch home is something similar to a bungalow. Both are single stories. However, a ranch house has a low ceiling. This turns out to be a distinct feature. 

If you like a compact house with filled-up exteriors, this house design is perfect. 

Duplex house design 

This is going to be an extremely chic design for your house. There would be three bedrooms on the second floor of the house and a living room, a kitchen on the main, and then a basement. You also get a garage space in this design. 

This house design is perfect if you need a lavish vibe for your house. 

Three bedroom brick modern house design 

Here is another 3 single-story bedroom house. It is a perfect home with utmost coziness. This house only consists of one bathroom but has an exterior that is made up of bricks. It passes an aesthetic and rustic look for your house. This kind of house design adds charm to your house. 

But this is not it. It also has several loft storage that you can convert according to your choice. With this house, you will get so many options available. 


So, above mentioned house plans are the best house plans and designs you can get for your 3BHK home. They would fit your budget as well as give you the right vibe from your house that you need. 

There might be different requirements while planning your house design. You need to get the right layout for your house. Therefore, it is important to choose a house design that can make your house look spacious and beautiful. At the same time, it should pass the cozy and aesthetic vibes. If you do not make yourself cozy, you would not feel the kind of comfort you need. 

So, plan the house design accordingly and get yourself the right layout. You can also play along with the interiors of the house.