Want to thank your supportive groomsmen for helping you deal with the whole wedding pressure? Don’t just way your hands off with dry thank you, instead make a statement with exceptional return gifts and surprise your groomsmen.

Customized cupcakes

While we are exploring modern rerun gift options for weddings, custom-made cupcakes have to be an important option. Surprise your inclined groomsmen with boxes filled with delectable customized cupcakes. As a post-wedding surprise choose an existing online cake store to seal with your return gift dilemma.


Catchy fragrances are kike memories. They always remind us of a good time. Gift your groomsmen gift pack of quality perfume and cologne as a return gift and memorabilia of the great fun that you had having them by your side. Branded men’s scent is an awesome gift for groomsmen that could be easily acquired without any hassle.

Gold coins

In India, weddings are all about traditions and culture. If we think thoughtfully about the best return gift gold is undoubtedly the best option. Gift a touch of tradition to your groomsmen in the form of small gold coins. Gold gifts are most popular when it comes to weddings. So this gift is the best of all the other options. 

Silver coin

Weddings are costly. Since it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate life with your close ones tend to spend a bomb on the preparations rebates to the ceremony. After all the necessary expenses gifting gold coins to groomsmen is quite extravagant. Choose a silver coin instead if you wish to gift a traditional gift that is in your budget.


Luscious chocolates are everyone’s favorite. There is nothing wrong with wanting to give something simple and modern as return gifts. If you are not sure about predictable traditional gifts steal the show with simple chocolate boxes. Gift your groomsmen a delicious chocolate box with customized gratitude notes as a thank you gesture.

Goodies basket

Talking about wedding gifts and ruling out curated gift boxes is like doing injustice. but also everyone is to receive beautifully curated gift baskets with a handwritten letter, delicious eatables, munchies, toffee jars, cookies, and other mouth-watering treats. Thank your helpful groomsmen with a personalized goodies basket.

Studded brooch pin

A stunning men’s brooch pin for your friends and groomsmen is a great gift idea. but also it is always nice to give something useful. Though tablets are famous for being overused wedding return gifts, surprise everyone by giving elegantly studded brooch pins to favorite boys. 

Scented candles and candle holders

Gorgeous sets of scented candles with an artistic candle holder stand are the offbeat gift that you are looking for to make your wedding a little bit more special. With something smell and a beautiful look, but also this gift is bound to intrigue the receiving groomsmen.

Dry fruit trays

Custom dry fruit rays for each of the groomsmen is a classic traditional Indian wedding return gift. While thinking about gifts, these options will instantly pop inside your brain. Go with your instincts. The gift should be something given with a clear intention, not something extremely extravagant. Dry fruit trays are smoke but decent gifts. Just like online cake delivery in Guwahati, you can offer these trays from web stores.

Vegan gifts

Go environment-friendly with exceptional vegan return gifts for your special groomsmen. You can choose from vegan munchies, animal-friendly goodies, and vegan liquor. BUT each vegan gift will show your concern for nature and love for your friend.

Handcrafted jackets

Funky traditional handcrafted sleeveless jackets are great pieces of clothing that can easily jazz up an entire look. but also gift your dear groomsmen custom-made jackets.

Calligraphy cards and mugs

Personalized calligraphy cards and mugs have to be your go-to gift if you are looking for the simplest souvenir.

Origami tray with dry flowers

An origami tray with scented dry flowers is a unique gift that will startle the groomsmen but also its wonderful look and soothing smell.