Siberian Husky is a loving, docile companion having full of personality. This intelligent and energetic pet becomes an excellent jogging partner even in winters. Its joyful nature with a tendency to wander, escape, and roam around you will not let you get bore with it. 

Besides, this adventurous pet with a sweet and gentle temperament has an adorable look with piercing eyes and thick and cuddly furs. Its unique look and features make it different from other pet dogs and thus fascinate dog lovers, becoming an ideal choice.

Originated in Siberia, Siberian Huskies were brought to Alaska with some sled dogs in 1909. but this unique dog breed with excellent features is often mistaken with wolf dogs for its look. However, Huskies are good at self-maintenance, they can somehow catch some serious diseases, thus requiring proper maintenance. 

Here is all you need to know about Siberian Huskies along with Siberian Husky price in India if you have made up your mind to have this remarkable companion as your pet.

Know About Siberian Husky: Colors, Weight, Lifespan, Size

As every breed has different features and requirements, but same as Siberian Huskies have some unique features that make them the first choice for dog lovers. Here are some key features and characteristics of Huskies.

Colors: Huskies are know for their wolf-like appearance. However, they are available in varied colors, such as white, grey, black, copper, stable, silver, and brown.

Weight: Female Huskies weigh around 35-40 pounds, while male Huskies weigh around 45-60 pounds.

Lifespan: The lifespan of Siberian Huskies is an average of 14 years.

Size: They are available in different sizes, mostly in 22-23 inches.

What are the Characteristics of Siberian Huskies?

With a royal look, Siberian Huskies come with huge furs in different colors, which barely requires shaving. Additionally, their bulky hair makes them suitable for winters as well as the region where the temperature is relatively low. Here are the highlights of Siberian Huskies’ temperaments.

·       Huskies are friendly, gentle, sweet, sensitive, playful, and outgoing in nature.

·       It loves to escape, roam, and wander around.

·       These are some of the most energetic animals, who love to dig things, attack small animals, play with fellow pets, and need vigorous exercise.

·       They are known for their intelligence, problem-solving skills, and alertness.

·       this has undercoats, which tend to make them shed a huge number of furs every year.

·       You would often notice Huskies carrying things in their mouth and chewing them.

·       They are affectionate, kids friendly, and good at adaptability.

·       Siberian Huskies require vigorous exercise.

What is the price of Huskies in India?

India is one of the countries that are rising stars in terms of being pet-friendly. It has around 20 million dog pets respectively. Likewise, the Siberian Huskies are gaining popularity in major cities of India, like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore. Though prices of Siberian Husky slightly vary in different regions, all the information affiliated with it is available online including Husky Price in Kerala

However, the breed price varies considering various factors; but Siberian Husky puppies are available in India at a price range between 60,000 to 80,000 rupees. Since this breed needs to be kept at a very low temperature, Huskies’ owners entail keeping AC on for their Huskies. Thus their annual maintenance charges, including grooming exercise, and socializing, cost around two lacs rupees.

Know some Maintenance Tips for your Husky

·       Make a proper diet plan for your Siberian Husky and add good quality food-rich in protein, fish or dried salmon, and alike.

·       Brush your Husky’s teeth twice a week to keep them strong.

·       Do not offer it general food, make a balanced diet plan.

·       Huskies are fond of putting objects in their mouths, thus supervising restrains them from doing so.

·       Take your pet for jogging and regular exercise.

·       Weekly clean the ears of your Huskies.

·       sure you keep their body and mind busy to prevent them from going into separation anxiety or feeling bored.