People should make sure they understand what data scientists do before selecting the appropriate Data Science education track. In a nutshell, they find flaws in current data analytics and seek to remedy them by digging deeper into additional data.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of Data Science courses, online tutorials, and tools to assist you in becoming a certified data scientist and establishing a career in the industry. We have something for everyone, whether you’re seeking full-fledged university courses or just want to keep up with the newest industry advances. Continue reading to learn more!

Best Data Science and Machine Learning Resources

Online Courses To Learn Data Science Online

These websites provide online Data Science courses for both beginners and professionals.

  1. Harvard University Data Science Certificate

This course covers several aspects of Data Science, such as data sampling, data management, data analysis, prediction, and results in communication. 

  1. Simplilearn Post Graduate Program in Data Science

This PG program puts learners on the fast track to becoming professional data scientists, with online training, a rigorous curriculum, and professional certification from Purdue University and IBM to certify learning.

  1. Code with Google – Applied Computing Series

The Machine Learning Crash Course allows students to access video lectures, case studies, and practice activities. Learn with Google AI is another program that will enable students to customize their learning experience

by using a combination of videos, tutorials, laboratories, courses, interactive sessions, and examples of sample code and documentation.

  1. Learning From Data Course at California Institute of Technology

Caltech Professor Yaser Abu-Mostafa gives a series of video lectures. The series includes Q&A and covers a wide range of topics, including algorithms, basic theory, and applications. Check out Simplilearn’s Data Science Bootcamp as well.

  1. A Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) Program is available at UC Berkeley’s School of Information.

This Data Science online course is for professionals who wish to address problems with complex data. With an emphasis on asking the right questions and providing data in the most efficient manner feasible. Live workshops and online courses are combined in this online curriculum.

Data Science Online Tutorials

These engaging tutorials assist students in understanding the fundamental ideas of Data Science.

  1. Codementor

Codementor provides tutorials for both beginners and experts. but also Learners can access a variety of helpful resources on how to best analyze data, including introductions, machine learning,

and advice on selecting the finest data analytics software packages.

  1. Topcoder

This website provides tutorials on various ideas in Data Science as well as a venue for industry specialists to provide guidance. They also offer useful, real-world knowledge on a variety of issues, as well as how-to tips for newcomers to the site.

  1. Analytics Vidhya

Learners will discover a thorough tutorial for studying Data Science with R here, as well as an in-depth guide that covers everything from programming basics to data exploration to predictive modeling and data manipulation. There are also more data science lessons available, such as one on learning Python for Data Science.

  1. KDnuggets

They have several lessons ranging from Data methods to getting started with Data Visualization. Two lessons on potential Data Scientist interview questions are also available on the website, with answers and guidance from KDnuggets editors.

Additional Resources to Learn Data Science

These websites give in-depth information and resources on Data Science for people considering it as a career or looking to improve their knowledge:

  1. The Open Source Data Science Masters

This website has several resources that will assist you in comprehending the notion of Data. but they cover a wide range of topics, from data design to computing and arithmetic, and include books, tutorials, and study groups. Clare Corthell, founding partner of Data Consultancy, Luminant Data, compiled all the material.

  1. Learn Data Science by nborwankar

Learners will discover a collection of resources here to assist them in learning Data using IPython Notebooks. Random forests and linear regression, data investigations, and analysis of each region are all covered in these volumes. Worksheets are also provided for students to practice on.

  1. Data Science Weekly

This website, which contains a collection of Data resources and news updates,

allows readers to sign up for weekly newsletters that include jobs, articles, and news. The site also includes interviews

with notable Data Scientists as well as a list of the most valuable books, data sets, and blogs. 

  1. International Conference on Machine Learning

The International Machine Learning Society (IMLS), a non-profit organization, has hosted this international conference in several venues across the world. The conferences, which are aimed at promoting machine learning, cover a wide range of topics and include guest speakers as well as seminars and tutorials.

  1. Reddit

This site provides an online community with over 30,000 users where people may share Data Mining resources and research papers. It’s also ideal for Data Scientists wishing to network with like-minded individuals who can help them solve problems in novel ways.


Data is consuming the globe faster than you think, and data science will undoubtedly become one of the most crucial parts for organizations and corporations shortly. This has offered data science, specialists, a wide range of alternatives as well as a lucrative career path. A job in data science is in high demand right now. Make sure you have the resources and certifications you need. Right now, you should be working in the data industry.