a review of the advantages of Invisalign over traditional braces

Having crooked teeth has never been considered a positive genetic trait in society because of how it looks and its implications for our overall health. Crooked teeth are easily rotten, more prone to abrasions, and even damage the gums. The damaged gums are subsequently infected, which makes the gums softer, allowing for even worse misalignment cases to occur. Humans have been using different methods for dental realignment, and they have gotten exponentially more advanced over the years. The latest technology developed to address crooked teeth is Invisalign and by far the best. 

Before Invisalign, the leading treatment for misalignment were traditional metal braces, known for their wires and making teenagers uncomfortable and anxious at school. But despite their success in delivering results, they were never like anyone, only tolerated. Metal braces are often painful to have in your mouth and can easily cause damage to your gums and even the teeth themselves. If you’re in a serious accident with the braces and wires fused to your teeth, they could shove into your gums and cause a serious injury. Those are only some of the reasons why they became so unpopular that people would rather have slightly crooked teeth than get braces.

Now with Invisalign technology, you don’t have to bother with braces for mild and minor alignment cases.  To put things into perspective, let’s see the advantages of Invisalign over traditional braces:

While unnoticeable, it doesn’t sacrifice comfort for looks

The braces are practically invisible, as they are advertise. It might make you think that they are uncomfortable to wear since that is usually the case with braces. You may find them weird at first, but you’ll get use to them very quickly. Some people with speech impediments may have trouble adapting to the braces, but that’s only temporary. The aligners are positioned below the gum line, so even a tiny grin will not reveal them. 

They offer faster results than traditional braces

Invisalign uses plastic aligners that apply pressure better than metal wires. Each of the aligners is designed to last two weeks and needs to be changed for a new one that will further reshape your teeth. Depending on the severity of your case, it takes anywhere between a year or two years to get results, but only if you comply with the guidelines and wear the aligners constantly, and only take them out a couple of hours every day.

No Dietary Restrictions Required

Our professional orthodontist recommended avoiding certain kinds of foods during the conventional braces treatment. Foods include hard, crunchy, and sticky snacks like chips, chocolate, nuts, etc.

Adults can easily avoid these snacks and replace their diet with other food sources, but dietary restriction for kids and teenagers has much more difficulties. This issue makes them hate traditional orthodontic treatments. Most of the kids undergoing orthodontic treatments ignore this dietary restriction and cause the teeth cavity after completion of therapy.

You can quickly eat this kind of food:

  • Hard candies
  • Gum
  • Gummies
  • Chocolate
  • Caramel

Invisalign ensures that you are dietary-free; you can eat anything you want because of the flexibility of Invisalign. They can easily remove before serving meals and snacks. Just be sure to brush your teeth after that and then put the Invisalign back in.

Invisalign trays are easy to clean

One of the vital parts of your treatment is oral hygiene maintenance during the process. Invisalign aligners are probably the best choice to keep teeth healthy after teeth straightening.

You know what is going on

Patients in Invisalign treatment undergo some kind of computerized process before starting the dental treatment. This option gives you a comprehensive vision of the Invisalign treatment. Classic braces are like a trial and error situation, and you don’t know what happens till the results come out.

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