Accidents happen unexpectedly. However, when it happens, our immediate action is to seek emergency medical help. You can call for emergency medical help or visit the emergency room. The same thing happens when there is an emergency involving our teeth. In case of a dental emergency, you need to contact a dental specialist to ensure that the problem does not permanently lose a tooth. The specialists you contact in case of a dental emergency is know as emergency dentists. 

What is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is a branch of dentistry covering emergency dental cases that cannot wait for a regular dental appointment. They cover cases that include severe or excruciating tooth pain, cracks in teeth, breaks, or other dental issues that need immediate medical attention. Know that the main aim of an emergency dentist is to do anything possible to save the tooth; however, there are certain cases that the tooth cannot save. An emergency tooth extraction will have to carry out in such cases.

Why would anyone need an emergency tooth extraction?

A person would require an emergency tooth extraction when the affected tooth must remove within 24 – 48 hours. Emergency tooth extractions become an option in cases like massive breaks in the tooth,

large cracks in a tooth, severe pain, or any other situation where the patient’s oral health is at risk. If the tooth can save, the emergency dentist will save it. If the tooth cannot save, it will remove, and the emergency dentist will discuss replacement options with you. 

Because of the nature of dental emergencies and what is involve in the procedure,

the emergency dentist will do all they can to see you within 24 hours. 

Is emergency tooth extraction more expensive?

In plain terms, yes, emergency tooth extraction is more expensive. This is because dental emergencies, like other medical emergencies, do not give the dentist or medical practitioner enough time to prepare. Although some dentists specialize in dental emergencies, others only take dental emergencies when necessary. Additionally, dental emergencies are not always covered by insurance, which means that the patient will have to pay the full price of the service and any additional cost that may be incurred during the emergency dental treatment.

Despite the possibility of a dental emergency being as expensive as possible, it is still important to visit an emergency dentist whenever there is a dental emergency. Although there might be an urge to wait for a regular dental appointment to save a few dollars, you should know that issues requiring emergency treatment can be severely painful, and the longer you wait, the more pain you will be in.

Also, dental emergencies are mostly situations that threaten a tooth—as such, waiting for long can lead to more serious complications and the performance of more expensive procedures to save the tooth. If the damage is bad enough or if the situation is allowed to linger, it could lead to tooth extraction. 

How can I find an emergency dentist?

A dental emergency is a situation we never hope to find ourselves in. In any case, it can be beneficial to know an emergency dentist in your area or neighborhood. To find an emergency dentist around you, contact your general dentist and find out if they know of any emergency dentist they can recommend to you. Furthermore, you can ask them if they offer emergency dental services or perform emergency procedures. If you cannot get any favorable option or response, then go online. Remember to search for emergency dentists in your area.

Be sure to visit an emergency dentist in any case of a dental emergency. If your tooth is cracked, chipped, or broken, see an emergency dentist immediately. You can also reach out to us at Emergency Dentist London for all dental emergencies. For all dental emergencies and emergency tooth extraction in London, reach out to us by calling us directly or emailing us.