Due to hectic schedules, often people don’t heed much attention to their health. But it is the right time you should start taking care of it. Full body MOT blood test every year lets you have an overview of the health inside out. 

You can come to know what’s happening inside of the body. Accordingly, you can remodel your lifestyle by making a proper diet, daily exercising, and having proper sleep. 

Otherwise, unknowingly certain issues will start invading your health like heart disease and cancer. Often, these don’t exhibit any symptoms before they reach the advanced stage. But you can seek medical treatment on time with a full-body MOT test. 

Continue reading this blog to know the integrity of having this test to enjoy a healthy lifestyle for a long. 

What is full body MOT?

MOT is the acronym for Measurements, Observation, and Tests. Full body MOT is an overall check-up of the health of an individual. During the screening, the doctor will test for the health of the kidney, liver, and heart respectively alongside markers like stroke risk, muscle mass protein, and cholesterol. 

Generally, full-body MOTs are meticulous and suitable for all people irrespective of gender. However, the doctor will choose a certain process to determine the overall health status of the person. 

Both the doctor and the clinic make use of the advanced and latest imaging techniques combined with their experience and knowledge. This will ensure that you receive proper support and advice on your fitness, lifestyle, and health in full confidence.  

Significance of full-body MOTs

Full body MOT is essential to track your health in the proper direction. Big credit goes to custom-made preventive health screening that allows you to take a dig at your health from the inside. In this way, you can seek treatment if any emerging issues get detected.  

The screening package will tailor on the basis of the concerns and requirements of your health. With this option, you can rest assured to have peace of mind with a thorough health check-up. Remember, it is not age-specific at all. 

It is just a check-up for the health of people of different ages. Therefore, everyone will reap the benefits of health markers. A detailed body analysis will depict the general well-being overview to the doctor. Accordingly, the right treatment will provide you to stay healthy and fit in the long run. 

In fact, you can find numerous persons who undergo full-body MOT twice or once a year just to update the medical summary and act on the basis of the recommendations of reports received. 

What is the cost of full body MOT?

Full body MOT is totally worthy to detect the presence of any emerging health issue. However, the price fluctuates greatly depending on the inclusions of the package. Usually, every clinic has different package systems and it starts from £1,950 based on inclusions. However, the doctor will assess your health condition to determine the MOT packages as per the requirement of the available options. 

Benefits of undergoing full-body health MOT

Only full body MOT offers a solution to late detection issues. It is powerful to trace out any underneath health issues to act and address immediately. But often patients worry about the perks of performing full-body MOT. For your kind information, it primarily includes an in-depth health analysis of the individual determining the triggering factors. 

It does so by making use of statistical models like other preventive examinations. In fact, the doctor will use the most suitable imaging test ranging from CT to MRI. It also comprises digital mammograms, ECGs, and full-body mole screening. 

The obtained report will review by 7 consultants who are specialists in the respective field. Also, the clinic where you undergo the treatment will assure the safety of each imaging machine used.  

Care for your health regularly

Over time, life expectancy all over the world stalled down and the reason behind this is a lifestyle. Certain nuanced aspects come out as silent killers by leading to non-curable conditions like stroke, lung disease, heart disease, and cancers. Health care is a full-time job and you have numerous ways to take proper care of it. Just understand your bodily requirements and provide the nutrients accordingly. 

Also, consider the task you perform on a daily basis for making the diet properly for better health care. Daily exercise is important and you should avoid the consumption of fried, sugary, and processed foods. Make sure that you have lots of sleep targeting to receive about 6-9 hours. Don’t take too much pressure, tension, and stress, and quit drinking and smoking recklessly.  

You can visit our clinic to boost your health condition by undergoing a full-body mot blood test in London. Just call us to make an appointment and enjoy your healthy life in the long haul.