Do you want to enjoy and relax under the sunlight without having to step outside? To experience a cozy warm feeling while staying indoors? To nicely revel in wonderful outdoor sights while sitting pretty in your house? If yes is your answer to these, sunrooms at home are what you need.  

By its name, you already get an idea or a feel of what sunrooms are. Are the rooms with a sun? Well, not literally and not exactly, but sunrooms are roofed rooms where you can enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather. Nonetheless, they are not only for sunny days. You can also freely use them whatever the season is and appreciate the outside views while you lounge in the sunroom. 

Sunrooms have a lot of benefits to homeowners, including having a space that makes you feel like you’re outdoors when you’re indoors. You do not have to be bothered by pests, insects, and harsh weather when you stay inside sunrooms too. 

Furthermore, sunrooms are loved because of their multifunctionality. They can serve more purposes than just being sunrooms themselves. They can be transformed into house areas you want to have but don’t prefer to make another space for, probably due to budget or to lack of extra space. Sunrooms can be customized, arranged, and organized to form new rooms. What could they be?

Here are 5 spaces you can create using sunrooms at home. Discover the benefits of using them as these too!

1 – Garden

This is the most common pick among homeowners. Of course, since this area is rich in sunlight, it’s the most ideal room to create a garden in. 

As a sunroom transformed into a garden, it’s like you have a garden that’s half outdoors and half indoors. One of the best things about this is that your plants and flowers are protected from pests that wreck them and from the destructive effects of strong winds and heavy rain. 

You can freely set any kind of furniture in your sunroom garden because they, too, will not be harmed by weather elements that usually damage cushions and hammocks installed in outdoor gardens. 

2 – Home Office

When work piles up and stresses you out, you need to relax and unwind. Even work from home is not easy! It’s actually very draining too, so you need rest even when you’re working from home. 

While that’s true, that’s not always possible when you have deadlines to meet and time constraints to combat. In such instances, you have no choice but to keep working and reserve the relaxation for later. 

If you use your sunroom as your home office, you can multitask working and relaxing at the same time. Because sunrooms enable you to see nature outside, you will have some time to comfortably breathe in and breathe out. Seeing greens helps your head ease off, so it can recharge for a while, and so you can work better.

3 – Art Room

For your creative juices to keep flowing, you need good energy and good inspiration. Using your sunroom as your art room helps boost your creativity because the ambiance is light and snuggly. The outdoor views and the sunlight activates your mind and zeal. 

Furthermore, when doing art of whatever form, natural light is the best lighting source. Sunrooms are really advantageous to be used as art rooms. They allow you to see your arts and crafts better too.

4 – Home Gym

Sunlight is vital to human health. For a healthier home exercise, exposure to healthy sunlight provides great aid! Make your sunroom your home gym! Especially if it’s spacious, it’s an excellent zone for your exercise equipment, fitness balls, yoga mats, mirrors and many more. 

Especially if your sunroom is facing a private outdoor area you own, using it as your home gym is ideal!

5 – Children’s Playroom

Nowadays, children mostly stay at home because as much as possible, parents don’t want them exposed or staying outdoors. Also, kids these days are more inclined to playing video games and mobile gadgets, so they don’t get much sunlight on their skin, which is not so healthy at all.

Sunrooms can be transformed into children’s playrooms! The tots remain safe indoors but still get to see outdoors and still receive sunlight. You can open the windows for fresh air as well. You can situate big playroom toys and playground pieces, like small slides and swings. The youngsters will feel like they’re in a different world that belongs only to them and their pure minds!


There are various sizes, themes, designs and additions that can be used to build and decorate sunrooms. That makes them flexible and serviceable for diverse functions. They are attached to homes, and more often than not, they are custom-made according to homeowners’ needs and requests. If your house is about to be built, let your new home builders know how you want a sunroom to be part of it and how awesome you want it to be. Pros know how to make that happen!

When you have a sunroom at home, you’re definitely grateful because it’s not only a resting crib for you, like it is for most homeowners, but also, it can be anything you wish it could be!


Nicole Ann Pore is the writer of this article.