Often people think that men are not fond of fashion. Nevertheless, as a fashion blogger, I believe their accessories are more challenging. The trivia of men’s wear can be the central point for customers during occasions. 

It is why men-oriented shoe-brand owners are difficult to find. You always need a recognized brand when buying footwear for a trendsetter hunk. Most fashion freaks give importance to online stores when buying shoes. It is due to the huge variety available on the internet.

While the New Year has just started, you can come across ample footwear collections on the market. The easiest way to get hands-on with your favorite shoes is to use online promo codes from leading brands. It is on every bargain hunter’s wish list during the shopping season.

To help you invest in a worthwhile pair of men’s shoes, we have shared a list. It comprises the best men’s footwear brands in the United States.

USA’s Top Men Footwear Brands

Do you know that shoes are the first thing people notice about you? There are plenty of obvious and interesting reasons to invest in shoes that express your personality. 


The name too famous to forget, Nike, is an American multinational brand for men and women. It is responsible for the manufacturing, development, design, and global retail of products. This market leader deals in accessories, footwear, apparel, equipment, and amenities too. It is known as one of the largest athletic shoe sellers all over the planet.

You can find the best men’s shoes here at an exclusive price. Interestingly, it deals in a variety of sports and manufactures training shoes for more.

Johnston & Murphy

The second best on our list is this historic footwear and apparel brand, Johnston & Murphy. It is more of a subsidiary owned by Genesco Inc. within the USA. The brand started in 1852 and marks its presence in the footwear clothing industry for men.

Mentioning the brand under this list is for its quality. the shoes you buy from this retailer will last longer. It is why the Johnston and Murphy coupons are popular among guys throughout the year.


When enthusiastic outdoor brands give attention to footwear, retailers like Timberland LLC come into existence. This American manufacturer started in 1952. Its prime goal is to crystalize every man’s machismo through stronger than ever shoes. 

Besides the formal days, men have a habit to confuse tough and rough with casual and every day. Henceforth, this brand is all about manly timberland boots for outdoor adventures. You will love to buy from this retailer.


This Italian fashion brand has an extensive history since 1921. It is owned by the French company Kering and offers a unique range of men’s fashion. Guccio Gucci, its founder focuses on hunks willing to set their standards. 

If you are looking to buy shoes difficult to find on the market, Gucci is the best spot. It masters the manufacturing of male-oriented slip-on, boots, and sneakers. Also, the durability, quality, and leather of this brand make a statement among trendsetters.


Boots are mostly considered as the signature footwear for hunks. It is why Merrell can make an outstanding choice as a men shoe selling brand. Jumping back in 1981, this company was founded by the trio, John Schweitzer, Clark Matis, and Randy Merrell.

Previously, the company was known for its hiking boots only. It adversely affected the revenue because the stock limited sales. However, with time, the brand has expanded its manufacture by the addition of casual and outdoor footwear too.

Allen Edmonds

Culture and aesthetic buffs will always fall for historic shoe brands like Allen Edmonds. This manufacturer, founded in 1922 is a unique and rare American brand that has maintained its image in the industry since the beginning.

It has served the military with high-quality boots during World War II. Today, this huge shoemaker brand owns a collection of shoes you will love. Its macho shoes are exceptional and offer an exciting collection to hunks globally.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to buy stylish footwear now? These are the best men shoe selling brands all over the United States. We have stated their statement pieces in the article to make sure you can find what you are looking for.

If you have a list of your favorite footwear brands for men, please let us know in the comments below. We hope you understand that this article is focused on trendsetters and fashion freaks.