Twitter is the most popular microblogging site and people use it as a social sharing app as well. The limitation of words in twitter actually makes it harder for content curators to convey the message and engage people. 

People want to increase the number of followers on social media like Twitter to become social media influencers. They want to influence their audience by their Twitter post and promote a specific brand, product, or service. Here are the best tips to increase followers on Twitter in 2022.

Use Trending Hashtags

Hash Tags makes a separate page where we can find all post-related sites. This helps Twitter to identify which posts are connected and are on the same topic. Sometimes certain hashtags become so popular that they come in trending as tag section of Twitter. 

If we use these we might get more views on our Twitter posts and we have high chances that people will start following up.

Use tags link #followback #followback or #ifb #followback

Some people use #followback #followback or #ifb #followback technique. They follow the person who follows them. 

Using this technique also we can increase a considerable amount of followers in a quick span of time. The trick here is honesty we need to follow them back once they follow us.

Be creative while posting on Twitter

The first thing we should keep in mind is that we need to be regular on the Twitter platform. Secondly, we should have a creative mind to publish creative posts every time. Posting on one topic every day will make your audience bored and they will start un-following you.

Use memes with humor

Memes are images that have humor and written sarcastic remarks. This can bring smiles to the audience or visitor’s face. That is why using memes with humor can increase your engagement rate easily. There are many tools online that allow you to create funny memes.

Use Gifs, videos, and other media files to engage more visitors or viewers

GIFs are the most liked and viewed media files on Twitter. It is small in file size quick to view and it does not use more internet. Using GIF and other media files can enhance and make your Twitter post more engaging.

Using Task completion apps

There are many follower-increasing apps that provide free Twitter followers to people for just registration. We can download this app on any smartphone be it android smartphones or Apple phones from the play store or app store respectively. By completing regular tasks on these apps we can earn coins and these coins can be redeemed to get daily followers on Twitter. Using this app we can also increase the number of followers in a quick span of time.

Conclusion: – 

Twitter is the most popular site online everyone wants to increase the number of followers in quick time. There are many apps that claim to provide free followers on social media like Twitter but some of them might compromise your account as well.

Hence be aware of such websites or applications that steal your data. We should never compromise when it comes to cyber security. If you want to secure your identity and want to remain secure from cyber threats then IT security consulting services are the best option.