Why is Video Marketing Important?

People love videos. Imagine your childhood days and remember some advertisements you watched on TV. They were all video ads, and you remember some of them to date. However, you might have seen several billboards or text ads, but you don’t know them as strongly as you recall video ads. Visual content marketing is more preferred than text marketing at today’s date and age.

The search engine algorithms also support video advertisements more than text-based ads. A more significant number of people like to watch instead of reading. That’s why you find many people watching seasons on OTT platforms, videos on YouTube, and movies. They even binge-watch and complete several seasons of a single drama in one go. 

You can imagine the importance of videos by seeing old YouTube advertisements on YouTube. And you know that they have a lot of views, so people still watch those videos. Whether they organically appear on their feed or they search it themselves.

This blog post will discuss 5 types of videos to market your company.

5 Video Types to use for a Company’s Marketing

1. Product Demo Videos

These videos contain a product, and people use it in the video in which they indirectly explain how it works and its features. For example, a washing machine ad like this. We can make these ads keeping the comedy genre, or emotional one or neutral home family environment atmosphere. You describe in these videos how to use your product and how to not use it to avoid injuries.

2. Indirect Marketing Videos

If a company makes chocolate milk or candies, they often use indirect marketing videos to promote their product. These videos contain music and songs, introducing the product at the end or in the middle of the ad. For example, this carbonated drink advertisement has music and dance in it. 

3. Story Oriented Marketing Videos

These types of videos start like short films. A person does something and gets in trouble. Then he attempts to get out of the trouble but fails. Then he receives a product that he uses and finally successfully climbs that stumbling block. These types of ads show how a product can make your life easier, and that’s how the company markets its product.

It’s also a successful video ad marketing type if the story in the video is creative and good enough. For example, this Mercedes Benz car company advertisement. 

4. Celebrity Endorsing Products

This type of ad would be the most expensive type of ad. Influencer marketing is not a new thing; it’s an old thing. When people see their favorite people, whether they are actors, footballers, singers, or artists, in some ad, they love to try that product out because of the affection they have with a celebrity.

That’s why big companies hire such influencers and celebrities to endorse their products. However, these celebrities are paid enormously for appearances in a minute ad. So, if a company has a reasonable budget, they just hire a celebrity to appear in their product or service ad. For example, the appearance of the famous star footballer Lionel Messi in Lays Commercial.

5. Behind the Scenes Videos

These types of videos have a record of performing better results. If you own a factory where you use a certain process in making things, you can demonstrate it in your ads. For example, McDonald’s ads sometimes show their kitchen in their ads, where they show their hygiene and the process they used to keep things hygienic and show the chefs working in the kitchen. Also, if you have a factory that makes recyclable water bottles, you can briefly show the making process of the bottles in your video.

An Important Advice

When making videos, you need to keep in mind the target audience. People who are going to watch your videos must relate to them. Different demographics and cultures have other traditions, so if they show someone living in the USA culture of a distinct part of the world, they might enjoy your video, but they might not understand it or relate to themselves. We recommend making a YouTube channel. You can also use the YouTube advertising option. 

Your videos must be brief and intriguing when using YouTube and social media as a marketing tool for your brand. The success of successful companies is in their ability to present their products in an entertaining manner that attracts buyers. It’s about storytelling through visual content creation that captivates your audience.

These businesses upload videos such as webinars, product, and services advertisements, courses, live videos, self-hosted videos, and much more. Videos can be helpful in any kind of business. It would be beneficial to make a YouTube channel for your business and put videos on your social media pages.

Final Word

Video ads are becoming more and more popular. They’re a great way to promote your business, product, or service entertainingly. However, you need to make sure that the video ad is excellent enough for people to watch it without getting annoyed by it. Nowadays, many companies make ads that the audience hates compared to the old times when ads were delightful.

Suppose you are looking forward to making an exciting marketing video to promote your business, such as software. In that case, you can reach out to any good and affordable company that offers custom animation videos and creation services. They’ll make you a video ad on a reasonable budget.