Women are more involved in athletics today than they ever have been, but it wasn’t always this way. From pioneers like Mildred Babe Didrikson to Serena Williams, history shows us that women athletes have seen their share of triumphs and obstacles alike, each making progress towards the ultimate goal of equality in sports. This article examines the journey women athletes have taken throughout history, as well as their representation today in athletics, especially as compared to the 20th century.

The 20th Century

There have been many changes throughout time, but women only began to be recognized as professional athletes during the early 20th century. In 1892, tennis great Maud Watson became one of the first female sports stars to reach international fame when she won singles titles at Wimbledon and then traveled across Europe for additional matches. Other professional female tennis players like Charlotte Cooper Sterry (1870-1962) followed her lead. The precursor to today’s Women’s Tennis Association was formed in 1887, but it was not until 1922 that WTA played its first U.S. Open tournament.

What is Happening Today

More than ever, women are taking part in sports at every level. As of 2016, there were more female athletes competing on U.S. college campuses than male students, according to ESPNW—and that’s just NCAA athletics. There have been a number of breakthroughs for women’s sports over recent years; Serena Williams is on course to be ranked No. 1 on Forbes’ first-ever list of top-paid female athletes; Danica Patrick drove her way into NASCAR history with her third-place finish at Watkins Glen International, and Gwen Jorgensen won Olympic gold in triathlon — marking an impressive second consecutive Games for America’s most accomplished female Olympian since 1936.

The Future of Female Athletes

Women have broken down many doors over the past century, paving a path for equality between genders. However, some countries are still reluctant to see women assume positions of power or manage men on their own terms. Despite any negativity they may encounter, female athletes must continue to pursue their dreams no matter what roadblocks they run into. To be a winner on and off the field, young female athletes must develop character traits that will support them throughout their lives. The future is bright for any young woman who has her heart set on a career in sports; it’s simply up to them to make it happen. So put your sweatpants on, pick up that racket, strap on those skates—the world is waiting for you!

Today’s  challenges 

Today’s female athletes face more challenges than ever. Sadly, women’s sports don’t get as much support and respect as they deserve. There is a lot of gender discrimination that still occurs today. Many female athletes earn almost half what their male counterparts do even though they perform at similar Cric Gator levels or higher sometimes. Other times it seems like we have come such a long way in supporting women’s sports when something happens to make us take a step back. For example, there was an incident in which during some high school football games girls weren’t allow to play on boys’ teams because it would be too dangerous for them since football is such a violent sport with so many contact injuries involve.

Tomorrow’s opportunities 

Though much has changed since Title IX passed, progress is far from over. In some fields, notably STEM, there are still comparatively few women. Additionally, they often don’t have equal pay or access to Cric Gator high-profile positions within their organizations. As a woman striving for success, it’s important to inform about these issues and your rights under Title IX. What strides have make so far? What needs to change? How can we ensure that everyone gets a fair shot at tomorrow’s opportunities? Here are some talking points: You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers.