The Fritzbox DB Router is particularly used by small business users. It provides a combined dual-band wifi facility with multiple wired options. The dual-band wifi router offers 1,733 Mbits over 5 GHz and 800 Mbits over 2.4 GHz.

Moreover, it offers a four-port Gigabit Ethernet hub with separate WAN ports for VDSL or DSL that offers 3.0 USB connections. 

It is specified clearly that the Fritz Box Dual-band router is much more than a wireless router. The more hardware features of the DB router you can see from the installation to the configuration process of the Fritzbox device. 

Well, the Fritzbox DB router does not support the new technology wifi 6 but it conveniently works with wifi 5. With the help of its dual-band network, it automatically operates with one network name and two-channel bandwidths.

You can use the myfritz box to log in to the Fritzbox device and then make a desirable change into the existing setting. 

Simply register DECT Cordless Telephones with Fritzbox DB Router

If you are looking for the Fritzbox DB Router process, you can configure it with up to six cordless DECT telephones. The WLAN network can help to extend the network connection whether you are in your home or operating from your business

It quickly sets up and reliably increases the network service to expand the connection. Its built-in Gigabit LAN ports can connect to the wifi router by using a LAN connection or creating a WLAN bridge to the wired device. 

So first of all, start your telephone connection, and if the Fritzbox device supports a WPS connection then press the WPS button to connect to the Fritzbox router. The DECT or Fon LED flashes and it is registered immediately.

If your telephone is manufactured by another company then you have to make the registration process by entering the PIN of the Fritzbox device and then registering it with the help of the WPS button.

In order to connect the Fritzbox with a computer, click on the wireless icon that will appear in the taskbar menu. Hence a list of all the wireless network devices will appear on your web screen.

Now you need to select the wireless Fritz Box connection by entering the network key and then clicking on the connect button. This is how you will connect the DB wireless router to the wifi connection. But firstly register with DECT cordless telephones. 

Connect the Fritzbox wireless router using the cable connection

Simply connect the Fritzbox wireless router to the cable by connecting to the multimedia socket. This is how you can connect to multiple multimedia sockets. Therefore, connect to the multimedia by using a socket adapter or a TV socket. With the help of the coaxial cable and the adapter connect the cable to the cable package. In order to connect to the Fritzbox wireless router with the electrical cable use, the power of cable and the LED begin to flash. 

How to set up or configure the Fritzbox DB Router?

In order to set up or configure the standard wireless router. You need to complete the login process. Well, the dual-band wifi router automatically connects to the internet connection when you have the DSL connecting line. 

Therefore, you need to enter your personal account information and other wireless devices

that will connect to the Fritzbox wireless router and then connect to the same device at the time.

Before you begin the setup of the router, make sure

that you have read all the basic instructions and guidelines to establish the connection. So first of all, connect the Fritzbox wireless router with the DSL line. Then configure the internet connection by opening the Fritz Box user interface.

Well, the user interface is set to the factory settings so that you can access the web user interface by click OK and then tapping on the Next button. 

Hence the setup wizard opens automatically. In case, it does not open then configure the settings with the internet connection. Now choose the ISP if it is provided and displayed on the drop-down list. In case, the list is not display then you can check for more internet service providers. However, click next to read the setup instructions.

Final words

 The Fritzbox DB Router is the primary wireless router that consists of wifi 5 technology. With the help of its configuration, you get an improved WLAN admin account or increased wifi speed to all the connected wireless devices. In this article, you will get to know how you will register into the DECT telephones and how you can complete the setup of the device.