It is among the most popular items to set up an email address on various devices, and it isn’t just limited to mobile phones. With other email services, you can also design your email account. It is also possible to find the latest methods for setting up your device or to manage email using a Suddenlink account.

But, if you make the correct settings for your email required to set the Suddenlink account, and these are settings to IMAP, POP, the setup will be possible. If you’re not able to apply these email settings, you will be able to gain access to your Sbcglobal account via your mobile or another email administrator at this moment. If you use the most effective setting for your email, you could solve the various issues you experience when sending and receiving emails from your account. Email Settings Are you looking to establish your email account with Suddenlink? If yes, you can be sure that you are aware of all the details regarding IMAP settings, POP settings, IMAP settings, and SMTP settings at this point. Alongside the information that you enter into those account settings correctly is crucial to connect to your Suddenlink account on different mail management or devices, including Android and iPhone.

You must ensure that you have the most accurate information regarding’s emails settings. Please find out more details about the proper Email Settings and its schedule in this article.

Record type Form of record

Username: Your full email address to Suddenlink.

Password Email password: Your email address comes from Suddenlink.


The number for port: 110

SSL/TLS Require: No

You can receive emails on your phone using this mail IMAP configuration. You can also include SMTP settings and the IMAP settings to send emails.

Suddenlink SMTP Configurations (Outgoing Mail Server)

Record Type: SMTP Type:

Username: Your full email address to Suddenlink.

Password The email password you have received is from Suddenlink.

The host’s name:

Number of the Port: 25

SSL/TLS Require: No

You can add it to your devices or email accounts by following the Suddenlink mail SMTP setting. You can efficiently send emails from Suddenlink email to contacts later on. Based on your security preference, which depends on your device or email management, you may choose to utilize SSL and TLS.

Guide for Email Server SettingsSuddenlink is most well-known for its effective administration of mail. The benefits of its settings for email accounts include that, with Microsoft Outlook, you can certainly create it. The main advantage of creating this Outlook setting for email is that you can only connect to multiple email accounts using one ID. With Microsoft Outlook, establishing email is easy and can be organized with the help of valid email settings. If you don’t consider the record’s measure arrangement, you must adhere to the instructions cited at this moment.

Email Settings for Suddenlink for Outlook

If you’re unable to set up account settings for an email in Outlook If you are unable to configure email settings in Outlook, this sequence of steps at this moment:

Start Microsoft Outlook on your PC over all other programs.

The File symbol that appears in the upper left corner of the screen is located and then clicked.

Select Add a New Email Address, and then choose Manual Setup to establish the email address.

Tap on a tab that is named Next.

Select your record type from there on out, For instance, IMAP or POP in the case of an Incoming Mail Server, and then choose the next option.

Now you can fill in the information that underlies the data:

Username Name: Enter the name you’d prefer to show to your contacts.

Email Address: Enter your email for incomplete.

Record type Form of record: IMAP or POP3

Mail Server method: or, according to your preference,

Server Active Mail:

Click on Internet Mail Settings, then type in your username and the secret word in the appropriate field afterward.

Click on Additional Configurations

This section of the Outgoing Server is now open and will test it. It will test the My Outgoing Server to authenticate the scenario later.

Go to the advanced tab from there to the present, and then type in the port numbers below for both approaches as well as active mail workers:

The process of approving Mail port number for workers 110

Moving towards Mail Number of the Worker Port 5877

Select the next tab at that moment.

Select “Test Account Settings” from then on, and after that, you can either send or receive an email to test the accuracy of your Suddenlink email account settings within Outlook.

The computer you are using is restarting. Computer to finish the design time.

You can certainly set up your email account in Outlook with no issues following the guidelines above. If you encounter difficulties creating your email account or have any concerns regarding the email settings, call the customer service department with no problem in the first instance and receive the utmost support from the experts to resolve the issues in a legally sound manner.