Creating YouTube content is super appealing, and when your content gets more and more real youtube views, it seems ice to the cake. It may take weeks and even months to build up your YouTube channel and to attract a handsome chunk of the audience, even with meaningful content. But the surge in the number of views is evident with the passage of time.

Now, if you are continuously creating content and posting it on YouTube but not getting as many views as you have got in the past, you need to prove that.

There could be several reasons you need to consider while solving this issue. However, this article will highlight the seven major factors that make your YouTube views drop or disappear from your account all of a sudden. 

YouTube Policy Changes:

If you are managing your own channel, YouTube policies matter a lot. They can change everything within a blink of an eye. YouTube seeks to provide its viewer with the content they want to go with, and for that purpose, it has introduced new rules.

According to these rules, it is obligatory to stipulate the kind of audience. For example, if you are posting content meant for a 7+ audience, you need to declare it. That means the comments on that content are restricted now, and you cannot use any advertisement to enhance your overall revenue on that particular video. 

It can consider one of the most important reasons for a fall in the views on your YouTube. All you need to do is to keep a cautious pace with the Community Guidelines that YouTube provides on a regular basis.

Changes in YouTube Algorithm:

In order to help the viewer find the content of his/her own choice, the algorithm plays an elemental role. YouTube is consistently amending and updating its algorithm, which helps the views reach the most suitable channels and videos. 

It has both positive and negative impacts. Those whose channels get promoted by the change in the algorithm are at the upper hand. Now, if you are facing an issue of sudden dropping or disappearing of your YouTube views, you may be one of the targets of those intriguing algorithms. 

Failure to Remain Updated:

One of the major reasons for the decline in views can be found in the creators’ approach to his channel. In order to accommodate an audience having different definitions of entertainment, YouTube is progressively changing and updating its software. 

In order to maintain your channel’s reputation, you need to keep pace with you tube’s technical fluctuations. A deep enrooted cause of the docile of views on your YouTube is that you do not have to keep yourself updated about the changes occurring on YouTube. 

So ultimately, you remained unable to take proactive steps, and your view count has dropped and disappeared. 

Loss of Interest of Viewers:

Human beings, by nature, are curious. Their quest to know more and explore more can prove to be a negative mark for a YouTube content creator. 

Now, if you have been creating generic content specifically dealing with a particular kind of theme, it may occur that the audience gets bored. They may no more be interested in your content. Or even they want to know more than you are providing. 

These kinds of things are a definite signal that your YouTube views are going to fall. They may no more visit your channel or may not even open the video despite being a subscriber of your channel. So the ultimate result is the sudden dropping or disappearing of views altogether. 

When you remain unable to meet the ever-changing demands of your viewers, they may turn to other suitable resources rather than being stuck to your channel hence leaving it deserted. 

Failure to Comply with YouTube requirements:

To maintains its respectable repute in terms of providing entertainment and gaining the satisfaction of the audience, YouTube demands from its user versatile and up-to-date content. Your content must be updated according to the changing dynamics of the world and various demands of views. 

Only when you remain unable to present what they want to see are you not allowed to use the broadened service anymore. 

That means the platform of entertainment for viewers is ever-changing,

and to maintain a good number of views on channels, you need to comply with what they demand. Monotony is unacceptable for them, which may cause a fall in your viewer count. 

End of COVID/Pandemic Era:

When the COVID started, it made people limited to only the boundaries of their houses. So they have nothing to do except spending their time on social media. Hype in the number of views could also have occurred because of that. 

Now e=when everything is coming back to normal; they have got themselves busy. Their busy routine may not have allowed them to visit your channel as they used to have visited. That means the YouTube views decline may not always be a technical problem. 

Seasonal Mood Swings of Audience:

You crave one particularly one thing at one time, it is said. This means that what is fascinating you now may lose its value in coming times. So is the case with your YouTube audience. 

They may not always want to watch the content you are portraying in your videos. Rather, they can have different cravings at different times. This may sometimes cause a rise and sometimes an abrupt fall or disappearance of the views on your YouTube. 


Hence, the reasons why your YouTube views suddenly drop or disappear are numerous. They can either be technical or simpler. So, in order to get it solved quickly, you first inquire about its reason and then go for a suitable solution according to the genre of that problem.